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Creating campaigns is fun.

Analysing results from the data and figuring out if something is working or not is a tedious task. Not with AND Instagram Campaigns.

This document highlights a few impressive insights that I gathered from a successful Brand Launch campaign focusing on brand awareness and Lead Generation for AND – a design school based in Chennai, India.

The main goal was to generate leads. A secondary goal was to increase brand awareness.

Campaign Theme:

Colourful, illustrative, and lengthy content creatives – read carousel.

Social Media Platform: Instagram

Content Variations:

Designer’s lifestyle

Stories of successful designers

Course Specializations

Headline variations:

Emphasizing emotional aspects like envy, admiration, hope, success, instant gratification, and more.

An exceptional 14+% conversion rate and a 24% reduced cost per conversion for Lead generation.

Ad recall lift rate of 39% for the cost of 0.018 rupees per Ad recall lift (people).

What I’m finding intriguing about the campaign is not these numbers. I was surprised by the insights about the target’s mindset and behaviours.

The first slide of the carousel mattered the most, irrespective of inside content.

There were a few controversial content that we were scared of. Nonetheless, it worked in favour of high engagement rather than lead generation.

We thought our target audience would love to be at a level above their friends. Results surprised us – it was not strong enough motivation for them to take the next step. But, we were surprised by the data that shows that these headlines resulted in exceptional brand awareness. It costs us only less than 20 INR for every 1000 people.

Headlines with the words envy, admire, make heads turn, and lifestyle worked well for brand awareness and engagements, especially “likes”.

But was not generating leads.

Overall, a good story is the winner.

For Lead Generation – a good story with which they can imagine and relate worked wonders.

We thought making people imagine may increase cognitive load, which may result negatively – but we were wrong.

Making our targets imagine the worst and best scenarios helped them better relate to the story.

These insights helped me finetune my content marketing strategies, especially to finetune messages to my target audience’s mindset.

By the way,
I found one more valuable insight about the design aspirants.

Design aspirants fall under three major categories.


Highly social (media) oriented:
These people like, share, save, and comment on the post but don’t click “Info-Session”.


Highly action-oriented:
They sign up for every Info-Session and download every brochure before they disappear.

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